Giraffes Have Black Tongues

--- Ralf Fragoza, Dave Stewart ---

Giraffes have Black Tongues is the podcast where Ralf and Dave talk about videos games, comics, TV, movies, wrestling, drinking beer, and whatever else comes up.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. D&D - 1 - Strangers in a Strange Land

    Welcome to Giraffes Have Black Tongues D&D! This is the introduction to the magical fantasy role play sessions played by Ralf, Dave, Donny, and Jessica. The first episode is free, but you can find future episodes on our Patreon if you want to continue the adventure. New D&D episodes will ...


  2. Baby Giraffes - 7 - Almighty

    Pixar wastes our time with pre-movie YouTube videos, I read the wrong book, Dave teaches me about brick and mortar Pirate Bays, and the end of the new season of Luke Cage is outrageous. All that on this Baby Giraffes episode! Also comic books. The books are Invincible Vol. 1: Family Matters, ...


  3. 9 - E3 2018

    Ralf, Dave, and I talk about this year's E3. Why would Andrew W.K. perform at E3? Why would Sony make people walk to another venue during their presentation? What the hell is Death Stranding? Is Spider-Man's new costume cool? Are we excited that all the Smash characters are coming back? ...


  4. Baby Giraffes - 6 - The G.O.A.T.

    On this episode we talk about sexual innuendos in Sex Criminals, the Hawkeye series' lack of multi-colored archers, what Thor does with his goats, and the problem with reading comic books on your laptop. We also tell the story of the time some friends of ours years ago bought a goat ...


  5. Baby Giraffes - 5 - The Marvel Centipede

    [Dave]( is joined again by [me]( to talk about some comics we've been reading. The books this time are Venomverse, Edge of Venomverse, Green Arrow Vol. 4: Rise of Star City, Saga Vol. 1, and She-Hulk Vol. 1: Deconstructed. We also discuss the perils of podcasting, rainbows of superheros, and ...